Establishing a National Competency Center for HPC, HPDA and AI

Establishing a National Competency Center for HPC, HPDA and AI

The main goal of the EuroCC is to implement a European support structure based on strongly interconnected national competence centers (NCCs) to provide support to industry (especially small and medium-sized enterprises), academia and public administration to benefit from the available HPC expertise, experience and resources in Europe.

There is a clear requirement for this to be achieved through a single point of contact and coordination in each European country – the National Competence Center, for the implementation and coordination of all necessary activities at the national level. This includes:

  • Orchestration of existing organizations, services, training activities in the specific national economy
  • Development of improved and new support activities.
  • Clearly defined business models for interaction with different groups of potential customers
  • Promoting and creating awareness at national and international level
  • Maximizing synergy (exchange and support of best practices) with other European countries.

The purpose of the National Competency Center is to assist in educating business entities about HPC technical adoption and to provide consultations on HPC, GPU acceleration and data handling requirements. The National Competency Center will focus on assisting SMEs in reaping the competitive benefits of using advanced HPC.

Seminars will be organized to share best practices and examples of HPC use in industry. The National Competency Center will build industry awareness of HPC and GPU competencies across the country and identify technology transfer strategies from academia.