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Newman's Business Accelerator

The Republic of North Macedonia is one of the countries participating in the EuroCC project, whose main goal is to establish a National Competence Center for HPC, HPDA and AI, as well as increase awareness and application of these technologies in the operation of various entities in industry, academia and public administration.

Partners for the establishment of the National Center for Competence for HPC (High Performance Computing) in Northern Macedonia are: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FINKI), Infinite Solutions and Newman’s Business Accelerator.


As a leading partner of the consortium, FINKI is responsible for tasks 32.1: National Competence Center – “Management”, 32.2: “Training and skills development”, 32.5: “Mapping of technical competencies for HPC/Big Data/AI”, 32.6: “Facilitate access to systems, scientific and technical expertise and knowledge bases”, as well as to support all other tasks in the project.

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Infinite Solutions

Infinite Solutions is a Macedonian company for information and communication technology, specialized in design, development and implementation of comprehensive software solutions, as well as system integration in various specialized areas, such as: telecommunications, finance, government, education, health, industry, and others, which provides top services and products for the needs of its customers.

The products and services offered by Infinite Solutions provide customers with timely access to the latest technological solutions both in the field of hardware and in the field of software. Infinite is a Microsoft-oriented company, following the best and latest technologies on the market. The Infinite Solutions team consists of experienced IT professionals who are fully committed to their clients, helping them meet the challenges of modern times and living.

As one of the project partners, Infinite Solutions is responsible for tasks 32.4 – “Cooperation with industry” and 32.7 – “Creating awareness and cooperation”, but also participates in tasks 32.1 “Management”, 32.2 “Training and skills development”, 32. 3 “Technology Transfer/Business Development”.

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Newman’s Business Accelerator

Newman’s Business Accelerator is the first business accelerator in the country and among the first in Southeast Europe established in late 2013. Over the past 7 years, Newman’s has organized over 200 entrepreneurship events and held over 1,500 individual mentorships and consultations with entrepreneurs, startup teams and small and medium-sized enterprises from the country and the region. Newman’s also provided trainings for pre-qualification and post-qualification to a large number of participants from the country in the field of web programming, web and graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, project management and financial management, and mediated with companies in providing internships, work and cooperation in the field of corporate innovation.

Newman’s holds the license to host the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Skopje since 2014 and in the Silicon Valley in the United States since 2016. With the support of Newman’s, three Macedonian teams have so far participated in global innovation competitions in the United States and met with industry representatives.

Today, Newman’s manages a number of complementary programs in the areas of human resource development, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, access to new markets and new funding models.

As one of the project partners, Newman’s Business Accelerator leads Task 32.3 “Technology Transfer/Business Development” and will also participate in Tasks 32.4 – “Collaboration with Industry” and Task 32.7 – “Creating Awareness and Collaboration”.

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